I.f.G.V. Refund Center.

Right to treatment

Project Description


Refund center

The law stipulates that the insured person is entitled to adequate, needs-based medical treatment in accordance with the generally recognized state of medical science. Reimbursement by the statutory health insurance companies is a prerequisite for innovative services and methods developed by doctors to benefit the patient.

For new diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in the outpatient area, the Federal Joint Committee decides whether these meet the above requirements and can therefore be provided by the statutory health insurance.
InEK is generally responsible for the reimbursement of new examination and treatment methods (NUB) in the inpatient area.

The I.f.G.V. checks methods and products for their reimbursement options in the German health system. We strictly follow the guidelines of self-government. After a successful examination, the I.f.G.V. through the reimbursement procedures.

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